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Prof. Saleem Khan
Pakistan Journal of Surgery,
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Current Issue - October - December 2019, Vol. 35, No. 4



Laparoscopic appendectomy: A clue for recurrent or chronic right iliac fossa pain
Yasser M. H. Khalifa


Correlation of C-reactive protein and total leukocyte count in acute infections: A single center study
Sumera Shaikh, Erum Salim, Pushpa Vali Ram, Shaima Sultana Memon, Adnan
Zubairi, Shahnwer Ali Khawaja, Areebah Asim

Clinical patterns of bacterial and fungal infections in diabetic patients
Naheed Asghar, Muhammad Asghar, Muhammad Naeem, Nimat Ullah, Amjid Shahzad, Noor Rehman, Waleed Mabood

An overview of common complications of intra-abdominal drains
Kamran Ahmad, Mudassar Shehzad, Kamran Hakeem Khan, Fazal Ghani

Comparison of appendicits inflammaroty response (AIR) score with alvarado score in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis
Mumtaz Husssin, Dileep Kumar, Raheel Ahmed, Paras, Erum Kazim, Muhammad

A probe to diagnose the mis-diagnosis of acute limb ischemia
Humera Latif, Kishwar Ali, Hafiz Khalid Parvaiz Butt

Impact of online resources on medical research: A citation analysis of Pakistani medical journals
Saeed Ullah, Saeedullah Jan

Do all specimens of resected gall bladders need histopathological evaluation? A single centre retrospective study
Syed Shamsuddin, Erum Najeeb, Tassawar Hussain Mirza, Aabid Ali, Danish Ali Haider, Waleed Akbar

Pilonidal disease: The changing trend in incidence based on occupation
Muhammad Naeem, Waleed Mabood, Muhammad Imran, Imtiaz Khattak, Munir Ahmad

Clinical and research laboratories in Peshawar city of KP Province: Analysis of bio-security measures predicts insecurity
Muhammad Asghar, Naheed Asghar, Noor Rehman, Muhammad Naeem, Shah Khalid, Abdus Samad, Hoor Shumail, Waleed Mabood

Randomized control trial of tramadol versus ketamine in the prevention of shivering during spinal anesthesia
Mohammad Ilyas, Ambreen Naz, Fazal Wadood, Neelum Halimi, Zaid Jawaid, Parhaizghar Khan

Efficacy of percutaneous needle tenotomy during ponseti technique in the management of congenital club foot deformity in children
Aimal Sattar, Muhammad Shabbir, Inayat Ur Rehman, Zeeshan Faisal, Wali Muhammad

Frequency of developmental defects of enamel and dentin in patients coming to tertiary care clinic of Karachi
Sanaa Ahmed, Maria Naz, Batool Bibi, Hira Tariq, Aisha Naureen, Sadaf Talha

Chiari type-I malformation: Clinical features and surgical outcome assessment using Chicago Chiari Outcome Score (CCOS) among Sudanese patients
Yasser Seddeg Abdulghani, Mohammed Awad Elzain, Ali Awad Ali, Haytham Hussien Mohamed, Basheer Mohammed Basheer

Outcome of intra-articluar corticosteriod in the treatment of chronic adhesive capsulitis
Aimal Sattar, Muhammad Shabbir, Zeeshan Faisal, Muhammad Ayaz, Wali Muhammad

Existing Antenatal depression among pregnant women attending Antenatal clinic at tertiary care hospital, Karachi
Sadia Saeed, Syeda Fariha Hasnny, Tahmeena Ali, Aamna Tanweer, Asma Ali, Maryam Younus

The relationship between placental weight and birth weight: A cross sectional study
Saira Jamshed, Farah Khan, Naureen Waleem, Munira Murtaza Khomusi, Adnan Anwar, Zainab S Khan

To study the association of risk factors associated with childhood myopia
Saba Alkhairy, Farnaz Siddiqui, Asad Azeem, Mazhar ul Hassan, Arif Nayani, Madiha Basalat,Sajjad Kalb e Raza


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