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April - June 2016, VOL. 32, NO. 2



Continued Medical Education
Saleem Khan


Outcomes of comparative study between ultrasonic harmonic scalpel versus conventional haemostasis in open thyroidectomy
M Naseem Baloch, Mariyah Anwer, Sanam Nusrat, M Naeem, Dileep Kumar

Management of parotid tumor
Sheikh Atiq-ur-Rehman, Umair Masood, Fayyaz Ahmad, Ahmad yar, Anjum Sohail Ansari

Modified Imre’s horizontal cheek advancement flap for medial cheek defects: advantages and outcomes
Faisal Ashfaq

Inguinal hernia repair in local anaesthesia; Experience of a tertiary care hospital
Rabbia Zubair, Syed Muhammad Shafqatullah, Mehmooda Wasim,  Shahid Rasul,  Javeria Iftikhar, Hassan Ahmed, Naveed Khan

The outcome after hemodialysis in patients with complicated end stage renal disease
Khurram Danial, Asifa Khurram, Kamal Ahmed, Zain Ali

Evaluation of the faciomaxillary injuries by computer tomography in traumatic patients at a tertiary care center
Elroy Saldanha, Reshmina C.C D‘Souza, Rithesh J D’Cunha, Omprakash.A.R

Rate of pin tract infection in closed reduction and percutaneous Kirschner wire stabilization for fractures of the distal radius
Syed Muhammad Khalid Karim, Kazim Rahim Najjad, Zaki Idrees,

Identification of cystic duct variations in laparoscopic visual field
Nabeel Qamar, Imran Ishaque, Amber Ilyas, Khalida Parveen, Mohammad Zubair, Saeed Ahmad

Comparison of proximal femur nail and dynamic condylar screw in treating proximal femoral fractures
Asad Khan Ghilzai, Zaki Idrees, Muhammad Ayub Khan, Muhammad Kazim Rahim Najjad, Ibrahim Idrees, Mehroze Zamir

Frequency of dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome, its impact on quality of life and management approach among medical university students
Seema Ghani, Tehmina Parveen

Efficacy of metoclopramide with dexamethasone in comparison with metoclopramide alone for postoperative vomiting after open laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Muhammad Nadeem Muneer, Shoaib Malik, Abdul Majeed


B-cell lymphoma: a lead point for an intussusceptionin a boy of 5 years
Muhammad Ali Channa, Danish Abdus Samad, Masoom Raza Mirza

A case of spontaneous epidural hematoma in sickle cell disease patient
Mahmoud Abu Esleih, Rafaat Elsayeed, Umar Farooq, Reyad Shehab, Sathya Moorty, Khaled Habib, Naveed chawla


The Editors and the Members of the Editorial Board will not be held responsible for statements or opinions
expressed by any contributor nor will they necessarily reflect the official policy of the Society of Surgeons of Pakistan.