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January - March 2017, VOL. 33, NO. 1



Ultrasonography, portal hypertension and trainee doctors
Zakiuddin G. Oonwala


Estimation of CRP levels on a measure of stress response after Laparoscopic and open cholecystectomy
Anum Naz, Taha Junaid, Muhammad Saad Usmani, Muhammad Khurram Zia

To compare and contrast different surgical procedures in treatment of complicated appendicitis in the adult population, at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan
Rajesh Kumar, Lal Shehbaz, Shua Nasir, Muhammad Abdul Wasey, Muhammad Ahmed Jangda, Zain Ali

Mean platelet volume (MPV) in diagnosis of acute appendicitis among children: A case control study
Amjad Hussain Zaidi, Ahsan Ali Mirza, Kashif Jameel, Anam Altaf

Incidence and management of priapism in sickle cell disease: A study from local hospital at south west Saudi Arabia
Muhammad Yahya, Urwah Inam, Masood Raza Khan

Fat embolism syndrome in long bone fractures: Our experience at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar
Faaiz Ali Shah, Waqar Alam, Wali Mohammad Khan

Pediatric Urethro-Cystolitholapaxy: Application of adults ureterorenoscope for the management of pediatric impacted urethral and vesical stones
Syed Saeed Abidi, Irfan Feroz, Owais Khawar, Saquib U. khan, Mohammad Aslam, Hamid Ali

The prevalence of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding and the factors causing hemorrhage as observed at a tertiary health care centre in Karachi, Pakistan
Aftab Ahmed, Lutuf Ali, Lal Shehbaz, Shua Nasir, Syed Raza Hussain Rizvi, Muhammad Zaeghum Aman, Zain Ali

Compendious scoring approach for prediction of diffi cult laparoscopic cholecystectmy: prospective study
Haris Rasheed, Irum Masood, Haider Naqvi, Ahmed Raheem

Fasciocutaneous Flaps in reconstruction of lower extremity: our experience
Muhammad Zarar Niazi, Mohammad Aslam, Irfanullah

Different clinical presentations of patients with colorectal cancer visiting Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
Muhammad Sohaib Abdullah, Muhammad Younus Khan, Muhammad Shoaib Abdullah, Sheikh Atiq-ur-Rehman, Safdar Ali

Outcome of second-degree burns in paediatric patients: Efficacy of antibiotic coating dressing
Habib Ullah Shah, Huma Gul, Muhammad Mukhtar Khan, Rashid Khan

Risk factor leading to ectopic pregnancy
Reeta Chander Parkash, Arshia Javed

Comparative analysis of blood loss after total knee replacement in tourniquet and non-tourniquet group
Hamza Arshad, Ashfaq Ahmed, Latif Khan, Saeed Ahmad, Shahzad Javed, Amer Aziz

A pre-operative diagnostic dilemma and incidental prevalence in histopathology: Retrospective analysis of gallbladder tuberculosis
Irum Masood, Haris Rasheed, Irfan Amjad lutfi , Ahmed Raheem

GOSSYPIBOMA: A medical negligence
Muhammad Naeem, Munir Ahmad, Ambreen Samad, Ihtisham ul Haq

Epidemiology of Paediatric burns at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar
Mohammad Aslam, Muhammad Zarar Niazi, Irfanullah Khan


Tuberculous Mastitis
Lubna Habib, Muhammad Farrukh Adil, Zara Zahid

Missed duodenal injury and its management
Fawzi Nasser, Muddaser M Sheikh, Sultan Al-Amry, Essam, Yasser Alkhalifa,Medhat Mostafa, Abdul Aziz Ayed Al-Shahrani, Bawa Dauda, Saeed Abdallah Al-Ghamdi, Saleem Khan

The Editors and the Members of the Editorial Board will not be held responsible for statements or opinions
expressed by any contributor nor will they necessarily reflect the official policy of the Society of Surgeons of Pakistan.